Back to ESSAY CONTEST: How the Nigerian Educational System Can be Improved from its current State

By: Emi Agbozu 


No: 07038170031

   Education is the bedrock of every society but the education in Nigeria is associated with lots of challenges. These include poor infrastructures, bad e-learning, non-regular payments of teacher’s salaries, lack of proper learning environment; we also have issues of insecurity and corruption in the education sector. This essay comprehensively examines some of the challenges /problems the educational sector is facing, and it also proffers possible solutions and recommendations for a better and improved system in Nigeria. The essay however begins with an introductory paragraph, which exquisitely defines education and its current state in the country. The next paragraph listed out most prominent challenges/problems of the educational sector, it concludes with a recommendation paragraph, which proffers solutions to make the system a better one.

    Education is the process of learning, teaching training usually done to improve one’s knowledge and develop his skills, also in the words of John Dewey “Education is the process which brings about change not only to the amount of knowledge gained, but also in the ability to acquire values, or competence” however the education system in Nigeria is seen to be in a state of negligence and is faced with a lot of challenges.  One of the fundamental problems affecting the educational system is the mismatch between the curricular and the labor market, this is because our government has failed to priotize education hence we struggle to design a new curriculum to promote collaboration between institution of learning and industries. Therefore necessary strategies should be encouraged towards improving the system in Nigeria.
   The challenges facing the educational sector in Nigeria is tremendous, every day we see significant number of children out of school, we have issues of insecurity, there is no proper monitoring of the system against mal-practice which produces unqualified graduates. These challenging factors are setbacks in our system, hence should be paid proper attention. Some of the challenges include:
We all heard the news of how primary school teachers had to write a primary 5 test in Kaduna state (years back) and almost all these teachers failed the primary 5 exam. We have noticeable number of unqualified teachers in our educational sector, this is often seen in the public sector most of these teachers lack proper know-how/knowledge in the area they work this results to very poor performance of student. 
         Students do not see what they’re taught during classes, we always try to form imaginary images of some of the topics taught in school. I am a student of microbiology in 300l the only time I got to actually got to know how to use the microscope was during one of my session in industrial training. This limiting factor makes it difficult for young graduates to fit in the industries.
       This factor is one problem that is almost noticeable both in private and public education sector. The government do not pay salaries and even when paid their salaries are said to be the lowest. This do not motivate nor encourage teachers, hence we now have strikes almost every year in the country.
Nigerian schools are not secured, this is factor makes parents withdraw their wards from schools especially in the northern part of the country.
Other challenges include
  Corruption in the system
  Low ICT knowledge of teachers and students
  Lack of technical know-how
  Inadequate teaching equipments 
  Zero psychological comfort
  Inefficiency of teachers
  Lack of proper funding

   When it comes to education in Nigeria, it is not priotised by the government. Therefore proffering solutions to it’s current state will have to start with the government making education a priority this will be the first step for a better educational system. Other recommendation includes:
  Design a new curriculum which would promote collaboration between industries and institutions of learning
  There should be employee benefit
  Increase dependency ratio
  Good educational infracstures
  Improve technical know-how of teachers and students
  Increase enthusiasm of students and teachers
  Employ quality teachers
  Introduce e-library
  Equip laboratories
  Increase allocation of teachers
  Engage parents in the learning process
  Proper monitoring of students against mal-practice.

  The Nigerian educational system is in a deplorable situation, therefore for basic education to be improved, first government should make education a priority, fund necessary projects , involve parents in the teaching process, learn from the western world and with a collective effort the educational system will witness major positive result.

By: EmiS