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Information for all PHP developers who useWindows:

It looks like Microsoft is going to stop the official support of PHP with Version 8.0. The good news: PHP 7.2, 7.3 and 7.4 will still be supported until they reach the official end of support, which will be Nov 30th 2020 for 7.2, Dec 6th 2021 for 7.3 and Nov 28th 2022 for 7.4.

So there will be no PHP 8.0 for Windows delivered by Microsoft.

Let's see if the community will take over, but this is just another reason to start using Virtual Machines or Containers like Virtualbox, VMware, Docker or many others to set up your development environment.

There are also tools to make it easier to configure and set up such virtual machines like Vagrant or Puppet, so you can start a "production like" server environment with one command (when it is configured) on each of your development machines.

I am currently using Windows for my PHP projects and I must say, if I am to go with PHP 8.0, then I must drop Windows for another OS.

What is your say on this?

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