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Earn Even More Money as a Verified Contributor - Answer Questions, Get Paid!

We will now be promoting certain members of the UnifiedCamp who have distinguished themselves by genuinely helping other students, by providing concise solutions to questions asked by users. We are now introducing Verified Contributors.

This is for those who are already being paid to answer questions on UnifiedCamp. If you're not yet familiar with our programme that Pays you to answer questions on UnifiedCamp, click here. We won't cover that topic here.

We cherish Members who are passionate about helping other students solve their problems, and so we will now reward them as follows;

  1. Normal Contributor: (N50per answer/solution provided)
  2. Verified Contributor: (N70 - N150 per answer/solution provided)

Anyone who currently provides solutions to questions, and earns from UnifiedCamp falls under the Normal Contributor.

How to get promoted

Upgrading your earning power is done manually by the UnifiedCamp Staff who grades your answers in the Quiz Forum. If you want to learn more about how to get paid when you answer questions on UnifiedCamp, please click here.

The UnifiedCamp Staff looks at;

  1. Your consistency
  2. The Quality of the answers or solutions you provide
  3. Your spelling and grammar
  4. The originality of your answer/solution (ability to use less of outright copy and paste)
  5. The general passion you give while providing solutions (we just know how to tell)

Once you have been singled out as being outstanding in your solutions, your name is submitted to the senior administrators, who review your account and approve your promotion.

Once your promotion is approved, subsequent answers/solutions you provide will have a minimum of the contributor range and your profile will be have a verified symbol. The minimum you would earn as a Verified Contributor for any answer/solution you provide is N70 per answer. You however, still have to be the first to answer the question correctly to earn it.

How to know you have been promoted

This procedure is still done manually, when you get promoted to the "verified contributor" an email will be sent to you and from that moment your profile will be verified.

This is just one of the ways we're giving back to our members, who have been there for us.